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4/8/2019 : Start of the internship of Sara BOUTAAM (MSc Mechanics of composite structures: aeronautics and eco-design, Paris Nanterre University).

Title: Design of a toothed whale depredation mitigation device for pelagic longline fisheries: food for thought

Internship content:

  • Bibliography
  • Design of the prototypes
  • Field tests if possible

Supervisors: N. Rabearisoa, P. Bach, P. Vidal (Energetics Mechanics Electromagnetism Laboratory , Paris Nanterre University), E. Valot (Energetics Mechanics Electromagnetism Laboratory, Paris Nanterre University).

Duration: 5 months

Host laboratories: LEME Paris Nanterre and IRD MARBEC Sète

Monday, 01 April 2019 / Published in Paradep, Unclassed

Objective: Design of a physical depredation mitigation device

This innovative device will have three protective skills: physical (barrier between the fish and the predator), visual (hiding of the fish) and passive acoustic (modification of the fish acoustic signature).

Service provider: SATIM Exploitation (


Thursday, 11 October 2018 / Published in Paradep, Unclassed

Quick-off meeting with project partners:

  • IRD (P. Bach, M. Soria, N. Rabearisoa)
  • CEBC CNRS (C. Guinet)
  • ENEZ DU (P. Guérin)

Place: National Museum of Natural History (Paris)

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