13-14/06/2019 : Shooting of a documentary about the conception of the depredation mitigation device

During a work meeting with the SATIM team (Niort, France) in charge of the device conception, Luc MARKIW (IRD Images) recorded the different steps of the prototype machining. He also interviewed some of the actors involved in the project. Those shootings will be used in a general documentary relating the genesis of PARADEP, from its conception to the final tests onboard commercial pelagic longliners.




Acoustic survey

06/10/2019: Preliminary acoustic survey onboard a commercial pelagic longliner

Marc SORIA, acoustical engineer involved in the PARADEP project, will be onboard the Vétyver 6 (ENEZ DU fishing company) during a commercial fishing trip which will last 15 days. He will deploy several hydrophones, accelerometers and cameras along the longline, in order to record acoustic signals emitted by marine mammals evolving near the fishing gear. Acoustic recordings will be associated with visual observations when possible. This will allow to associate the acoustic signals with specific marine mammal species.

The acoustic material will be deployed again during the commercial trips aiming at testing the depredation mitigation devices. The general objective of those acoustic recordings is to improve our knowledge about the depredation process. They will also allow a better understanding of the marine mammal acoustic behavior during depredation events.


4/8/2019 : Start of the internship of Sara BOUTAAM (MSc Mechanics of composite structures: aeronautics and eco-design, Paris Nanterre University).

Title: Design of a toothed whale depredation mitigation device for pelagic longline fisheries: food for thought

Internship content:

  • Bibliography
  • Design of the prototypes
  • Field tests if possible

Supervisors: N. Rabearisoa, P. Bach, P. Vidal (Energetics Mechanics Electromagnetism Laboratory , Paris Nanterre University), E. Valot (Energetics Mechanics Electromagnetism Laboratory, Paris Nanterre University).

Duration: 5 months

Host laboratories: LEME Paris Nanterre and IRD MARBEC Sète

Objective: Design of a physical depredation mitigation device

This innovative device will have three protective skills: physical (barrier between the fish and the predator), visual (hiding of the fish) and passive acoustic (modification of the fish acoustic signature).

Service provider: SATIM Exploitation (http://www.satim.fr/satim-exploitation.php)


Quick-off meeting

Quick-off meeting with project partners:

  • IRD (P. Bach, M. Soria, N. Rabearisoa)
  • CEBC CNRS (C. Guinet)
  • ENEZ DU (P. Guérin)

Place: National Museum of Natural History (Paris)

PARADEP start date